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is formed with an intention to ensure Professional, Transparent, and Quality service in
International Supply Chain to the trade, through dedication, coordination, and expertise.

Providing ocean and
air freight Services.

Expertise in coordinating
International Supply Chain activities

Why Choose Us

Organizations have varying strategies when it comes to their supply chain. One common thread that connects them in this field is outsourcing. More and more companies are leveraging on their strength of core competency. Companies in India currently outsource 52% of their logistics and this is expected to grow further. The Indian Logistics Industry is seeing unprecedented growth and is expected to reach out at maximum level. The share of organized players in logistics is also expected to double by then. The kind of infrastructure support that is needed to meet this demand also is humungous. There is also a clear focus on rail freight and its role in handling more volumes. We could assist the customers to effectively use various infrastructure available in the trade to meet their requirements on a very cost-effective basis, through our professional approach.


We are more experienced in handling shipments to USA, Statutory regulations – like ACD / ISF and other advance manifestation requirements. We operate service contracts to USA and Canada from India both for Export into USA and import from the USA and other origins to ensure timely and quality services at a fair cost to our customers and biz partners. We also have the expertise to file ACD & ISF etc., on behalf of our customers, with US customs. Through our initiative to file long-term Service Contracts with carriers, we could stabilize the freight cost element on a long-term basis for prospective volume-oriented customers, where frequent freight fluctuation is a major cost element to fix their selling prices to compete with international suppliers.


We are committed to delivering to the expectation of our customers and also to recommending better procedures and best practices to our Business partners in Global Supply Shain for better international recognition and Supply Chain Security.


Our Experience and expertise help us to act as a consulting agency for the Prestigious AEO program of Indian Customs, part of the World Customs Organization program. We assist all our business partners to lift their credibility as an AEO, by suggesting suitable procedural improvements and security aspects in our customers’ facility and thus helping them to reach international standards and recognition. Since we are guiding various companies for their AEO certification, we have a better understanding of the systems, procedures, technicalities, difficulties, etc., of customers to deal with the international supply chain well. So that we shall be able to advise proactive measures to overcome such challenges faced by our customers.