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About Us

We are a highly professional Logistics service provider with rich experience in the field of supply chain management including procurement, logistics, distribution, process outsourcing, etc. and covering diverse industries like Garments and textiles, Electronics, Automobile, Engineering, FMCG, Food & Beverage including reefer cargo transportation, Chemicals, etc.

Why Choose Us


Our Vision is to become a preferred service provider for the customers, who look forward to time-bound logistics services. Through our expertise and knowledge of shipping line services, we shall be able to put forward various logistics solutions from which customers shall be able to pick their choice. Through concurrent updates on service changes and other development internationally, we provide first-hand information to our customers about their trade which could help them to change appropriate arrangements in their global supply chain to meet the requirements of their customers.


Our Mission is to become a leading and preferable partner in Supply Chain from and to the USA and African continent from India by 2025. We achieve this by understanding the requirements of our customers well and working out strategies to meet customer expectations to their satisfaction. Dedicated persons are put into service to meet this objective, through a selection of right service partners in Ocean and Air Freight service, by fixing reasonable and competitive rates with premium and other carriers of choice, through our long relationship with major shipping professionals and carriers.

Present Base

Presently our base is set at Tuticorin, India– a strategic location in India for the movement of Garments and home furnishing, Dry flowers, textile products, Sea Food, Chemicals, and so on, and has suitable tie up with strategic partners at various parts of the country.